To paint the campervan we needed a good place where the van good stand outside as well as inside.


New Design Old idea

We went to the farm where Berth has a storage ‘shed’ which was once his workshop. When he picked up a piece of wood you saw the sculpture evolving in his head in the place where so many of his work evolved for so many years.



We had a design for the van to make it a followup of Wanderlust I the narrowboat by using the same colour scheme. In the end we went against it and use green for the background of the painting and the poem. Wanderlust II is not a boat she does not float, she does not roam at a gentle speed, she moves us long distance. Somewhere you have 150 different greens, the green of spring is different than the green of summer. The summer green came with an edge of winter green, the hardware shop does not have the colours of an art supply shop.



We made our own green with the colours of Wanderlust I and a long mixing stick from the workshop. The prime colour is there waiting for the final touch of gold and red, in the end she follows the colour footsteps of all the other wandering vehicles we had.


you know the meaning

One site will have a poem the other will bear words and dates which make you question what you see, as when art becomes a documentation we will loose our aim. The van is not just a van it will be a story, a poem, a vision and a way to be.


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