The first Spiral for Spiral Journey will be made in the next few weeks, just a few miles away from Stenson where the Wanderlust was build in 1992.
On the moment we are moored at Mercia Marina near Willington along the Trend and Mercey Canal. It was here we planted last year one of the Oak trees, grown from an acorn found along the Shropshire Union Canal. The little Oak was planted in a hollow Willow tree which was sawn down to prevent it from falling.

the little Oak

the little Oak

Willows only live for a short time unless you coppice them. Now we will be making a Spiral as a part of Spiral Journey with people from the Marina. This Spiral will be made from Willow on a field next to the canal to virtual join the other Spirals which will be made along the canals. The field is a part of a wild life area and you can walk through it on the 3 circular walks from the Marina.

the field by the canal

the field by the canal

The field was chosen, not only for its position next to the canal, but also for its natural beauty. The location in the field is near the foot-bridge over the canal so people can see the spiral from higher up when crossing the bridge. In a way it moves on from the Bridge project starting by a bridge.

the foot-bridge

the foot-bridge

We will be weaving the Willow as some of the Willows in the field did natural, it will grow together into a living wooden sculpture. Last year i made a living Willow sculpture along the Shropshire Union Canal and after just one season the woven branches grew together.

natural woven

natural woven

Shropshire Union Willow

Shropshire Union Willow

A poem written by the people making the Spiral about the landscape in which the Spiral grows. Everybody experience the landscape different and by writing these different experience in one poem will make people look at that landscape from a different perspective. Visitors can walk through the Spiral while reading the poem coming to the centre. In the centre we will plant Flowering Rush, which we call in Holland the SwanFlower which is appropriate for the Marina as the Swan is used on their information packet.

flowering rush swanflower

flowering rush swan-flower

On our route with the Artist on the Canals more Spirals will be made. Permission has been granted in Milton Keynes on the StonePit Field using the stones we find there and again with a special landscape poem. In Aylesbury 2 Spirals will be made with children at the Queens Park Art Centre, these Spirals will be made with sand. One will have a poem the other, as it will be made by small children between the age of 4 till 7, will have handprints. The people of Cassiobury park are very keen to make an other Spiral there, on the moment we are working out the details of this project. The last Spiral will be made as a part of Linslade Canal Festival and will appear on the Peace Meadow next to the canal close to an other footbridge.


popUP gallery at Mercia Marina

Keep an eye on our FaceBook page for more details to be involved with the making of the Spirals any of the Spirals and become part of the Spiral Journey.


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